The Dusky Meadow
Donald MacLellan
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Captain Carswell Am march
  01:40 The Drunken Piper Am march
  03:11 The Marchioness of Tullybardine A march
2 00:00 Lamentation for James Moray of Abercarney G air
  02:02 The Duchess of Hamilton G strathspey
  02:57 Sir Harry’s Welcome Home G strathspey
  03:48 Lady Georgina Campbell G reel
  04:27 Captain Byng G reel
  05:05 Loch Earn G reel
3 00:00 A. F. Irvine Am strathspey
  01:02 Captain Campbell (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  01:57 The Craig of Barnes Am strathspey
  02:48 Sandy is My Darling Am reel
  03:27 The Flail A reel
  04:05 MacKinnon’s Rant Am reel
4 00:00 The Road to Skye A jig
  01:04 Going to Donnybrook G jig
  02:07 Whiskey G jig
  03:42 The Flower in the Garden G jig
5 00:00 Sir Alexander Don Gm strathspey
  02:08 Ewie with the Crooked Horn G strathspey
  03:03 Johnnie’s Made a Waddin o’t G reel
  03:42 County Hall G reel
  04:20 Miss Charteris Gm reel
6 00:00 Compliments to Annabelle A strathspey
  01:14 Dusky Meadow A strathspey
  02:27 Sandy Cameron (Reel) A reel
  03:05 The Marquis of Tullybardine [1] A reel
  03:52 High Reel A reel
7 00:00 The Honey Maid G hornpipe
  01:17 Donald Cameron G reel
  02:32 Key West G hornpipe
8 00:00 Killiecrankie C march
  02:50 Loch Erroch Side C march
  04:35 Welcome to Your Feet Again C strathspey
  05:28 Fight about the Fireside C strathspey
  06:17 The White Crow C reel
  06:56 Lady Loudon C strathspey
  07:34 The Marquis of Queensbury C reel
9 00:00 Miss Mariane Oliphant (Rossie) G air
  02:05 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  02:56 Don Side G strathspey
  04:32 The Cross of Inverness G reel
  05:12 Muschat’s Cairn G reel
10 00:00 Dr. Shaw D strathspey
  00:55 The Strong Man of Drum D strathspey
  01:47 Jamie Russell D strathspey
  02:38 The Breem Dog D reel
  02:57 Sandy Skinner D reel
  03:16 The Spinnin’ Wheel D reel
11 00:00 Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? G jig
  02:09 The Boys of Ballyscally G jig
12 00:00 The Shakins o’ the Pocky BF strathspey
  01:45 Miss Christy Nicholson BF strathspey
  02:39 Mrs. Johnston of Woodhills BF reel
  03:18 Isle of Skye BF reel
  03:56 Put Me in the Big Chest BF reel
13 00:00 Morag’s Wedding A strathspey
  01:15 The Craig of Barnes Am strathspey
  02:25 Pigeon on the Gate (A setting) Am reel
  03:42 “MacKinnon’s Other Rant” Am reel
  04:19 Black Mill Am reel
14 00:00 Miss Jane Campbell G strathspey
  00:55 Sir Archibald Grant of Mony Musk G strathspey
  01:46 I’ll Go No More to Your Town G reel
  02:44 Lord MacDonald G reel
  03:59 The Perrie Werrie G reel
  04:55 The Bear in the Buckwheat G reel
  05:50 O Donald, O Donald G reel
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