The Road to Skye
A major, jig
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Various ArtistsGaelic Tradition in Cape Breton 12 00:00 Paddy’s Resource A jig
Joe ConfiantOff to George’s River 19 02:11 Paddy’s Resources G jig
Krista TouesnardA Little Taste of ’er 1 01:04 Road to Sky A jig
Glenn GrahamTraditionally Rockin’ 2 00:00 Road to Skye A jig
Howie MacDonaldCape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm 6 01:14 Road to Skye A jig
Morgan MacQuarrieKenloch Ceilidh 2 00:00 Road to Skye A jig
Various ArtistsGlendale ’79 Live 7 02:04 Road to Skye A jig
Buddy MacMasterTraditional Music from Cape Breton Island 2 03:18 The Road to Skye A jig
Donald MacLellanThe Dusky Meadow 4 00:00 The Road to Skye A jig
Richard WoodCutting the Bow 9 02:32 Road to Sky Jig A jig
Michael Anthony MacLeanGood Boy M. A.! 27 02:32 Road to Skye G jig
Alexander MacLeanAcross the Ocean Wave 7 00:00 The Road to Skye Jig A jig
This tune starts something like this:
8 6
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