Full Circle
Bill Lamey
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 The Duchess of Athole’s Favorite A waltz
  01:41 Dusky Meadow A strathspey
  02:23 Miss Proud A reel
  03:24 Major David Manson A reel
2 00:00 Killiecrankie C march
3 00:00 Forneth House D air
  01:32 Over the Moor, Among the Heather D air
  04:46 Clach na Cudain D strathspey
  05:57 Miss Rattray D reel
  06:49 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel
  07:22 Duncan on the Plainstones D reel
  08:13 Loch Glassie D reel
4 00:12 Sandie Ower the Sea G air
  01:24 Don Side G strathspey
  02:43 Heather Hill G reel
  03:34 Mourne Mountains G reel
  04:16 Sheehan’s G reel
5 00:00 Forth Bridge (Reel) D reel
  00:58 Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran D march
  01:47 My Gentle Milkmaid Bm reel
  02:36 Sleepy Maggie Bm reel
  03:09 The Forfar Hunt Bm reel
6 00:00 Farewell to the Tay A jig
  01:00 Walking the Floor Am jig
7 00:00 Bachelor G jig
  00:59 The Cossy Jigg G jig
  02:29 Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? G jig
8 00:00 Caledonia’s Wail for Niel Gow Her Favorite Minstrel Bm air
9 00:00 Crossing the Minch D march
10 00:00 Introduction: Herbie MacLeod  
11 00:00 Inverary Castle [1] Em strathspey
  01:26 The Burnt Leg [1] Em strathspey
  02:08 Struan Robertson’s Rant Em strathspey
  03:28 Flora MacDonald Em reel
  04:34 Mrs. Melville, Dysart Em reel
12 00:00 Dr. Alistair C. MacLaren A march
  01:17 Kitchener’s Army A march
  02:33 Sandy Cameron (Strathspey) A strathspey
  03:17 Devil in the Kitchen A strathspey
  04:19 Miss Proud A reel
  05:18 The Gray Old Lady of Raasay A reel
13 00:00 Lamentation for James Moray of Abercarney G air
  01:41 Kilravock (G setting) G strathspey
  02:24 Munlochy Bridge G strathspey
  03:05 Don Side G strathspey
  03:44 The Perrie Werrie G reel
  04:19 The Flaggon G reel
  04:51 The Collier’s Daughter G reel
14 00:00 Gloomy Winter’s Now Awa’ Am air
  01:13 The Waulkin’ o’ the Fauld Am strathspey
  02:11 Malcolm the Liar Am strathspey
  03:36 Miss Lyall (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  04:17 King George IV Am strathspey
  04:57 King’s Reel Am reel
  05:31 Miss Lyall (Reel) Am reel
  06:04 Little Donald’s Wife Am reel
15 00:00 Down the Burn, Davie Lad D air
  01:32 Miss Gordon of Fochabers (Strathspey) D strathspey
  02:14 The Fir Tree D strathspey
  02:34 Sir Archibald Dunbar D strathspey
  02:59 Kiss the Lass You Love Best D strathspey
  03:38 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel
  04:30 Loch Glassie D reel
  05:16 Sir David Davidson of Cantray D reel
16 00:00 Rev. John Rankin of Glendale Am march
17 00:00 Dusky Meadow A strathspey
  01:06 Sandy Cameron (Reel) A reel
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