D major, jig
composed by Wilfred Gillis
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Ashley MacIsaacFiddle Music 101 9 00:48 (not listed) D jig
Joe CormierThe Cheticamp Connection 1 01:26 (unnamed) D jig
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 16 03:46 Golden Rod D jig
Buddy MacMasterJudique on the Floor 1 00:00 Golden Rod Jig D jig
Tara Lynne TouesnardFiddle Fingers 3 01:03 Golden Rod Jig D jig
Sandy MacIntyreSteeped in Tradition 3 00:00 Golden Rod Jig D jig
Winnie ChafeThe Bonnie Lass of Headlake 3 00:00 Golden Rod Jig D jig
Theresa MorrisonLaments and Merry Melodies from Cape Breton Island 2 00:00 Goldenrod D jig
George WilsonNorthern Melodies 11 00:00 Goldenrod D jig
Harvey Tolman1000 Miles from Cape Breton 3 00:00 Goldenrod Jig D jig
Scotty LeBlancFiddlin’ Scotty LeBlanc 8 00:00 The Golden Rod D jig
Mike MacDougallTape for Father Hector 4 03:50 The Goldenrod Jig D jig
Alexis MacIsaacInspired 10 03:07 Golden Rod D jig
Donald Angus BeatonMabou Coal Mines Music 1966 3 00:00 The Goldenrod D jig
This tune starts something like this:
8 6
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