Chéticamp (Jig)
A major, jig
composed by Elmer Briand
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 30 03:10 Cheticamp A jig
Various ArtistsAtlantic Fiddles 6 01:02 Cheticamp Jig A jig
Tara Lynne TouesnardBowing the Strings 4 01:03 Cheticamp Jig A jig
Howie MacDonaldA Few Tunes 11 01:01 Cheticamp Jig A jig
Elmer BriandThe Cape Breton Fiddle of Elmer Briand 8 01:40 The Cheticamp Reel A jig
Joe CormierThe Dances Down Home 12 00:00 The Cheticamp Jig A jig
Kimberley FraserFalling on New Ground 2 02:00 The Cheticamp Jig A jig
Dwayne CôtéIntroduction 6 03:00 The Cheticamp Jig A jig
Alexis MacIsaacInspired 10 00:00 Cheticamp A jig
This tune starts something like this:
8 6
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