Pretty Maggie Morrisey
G major, hornpipe
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
The Beatons of MabouCape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music 10 00:00 Do ‘igean Bachd G hornpipe
Kinnon BeatonCape Breton Fiddle 1 2 02:34 Doigean Bochd Reel G hornpipe
John CampbellCape Breton on the Floor 10 00:35 Dunphy’s Reel G hornpipe
Wendy MacIsaacThat’s what you get 3 03:25 Pretty Maggie Morrisey G hornpipe
Winston FitzgeraldHouse Parties and 78s 19 01:23 Pretty Maggie Morrisey G hornpipe
Don BrownScottish Canadian Fiddle Music 12 01:39 Pretty Maggie Morrissey G hornpipe
Jerry HollandParlor Music 5 00:00 Pretty Maggie Morrissey G hornpipe
Kinnon BeatonCape Breton Fiddle Compilation 11 02:32 Doigean Boachd G hornpipe
Joe DoucetteFiddlin’ Around Down North 9 02:48 (unnamed) G hornpipe
Donald Angus BeatonLive at the House 7 00:00 Pretty Maggie Morrisey G hornpipe
Richard WoodA Change of Reasons 6 01:19 Pretty Maggie Morrisey G hornpipe
This tune starts something like this:
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