“Editor’s Favorite”
A major, strathspey
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Doug MacPheeThe Reel of Tulloch 8 02:33 (A Mabou Coal Mines Strathspey) A strathspey
Carl MacKenzieWelcome To Your Feet Again 1 03:32 (unnamed) A strathspey
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio 9 01:31 (unnamed) A strathspey
Tara Lynne TouesnardHeritage 1 01:40 (unnamed) A strathspey
Various ArtistsA Fiddler’s Heaven 7 03:13 (not listed) A strathspey
The Beatons of MabouCape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music 6 03:09 Editor’s Favourite Strathspey A strathspey
Various ArtistsMabou Coal Mines 8 03:48 The Editor’s Favorite A strathspey
Kimberley FraserHeart Behind the Bow 5 03:18 The Editor’s Favorite A strathspey
David GreenbergTunes Until Dawn 7 00:00 “Editor’s Favourite” A strathspey
Various ArtistsThe Fiddlers of Cape Breton 17 01:31 (listed incorrectly) A strathspey
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio Play the Music of Cape Breton 9 01:31 (unnamed) A strathspey
Andrea BeatonThe Tap Session 2 02:29 Editor’s Favourite Strathspey A strathspey
Jennifer RolandFor Each New Day 4 00:56 Editor’s Favorite A strathspey
Various ArtistsCape Breton Live Radio, Take 02 3 00:00 Editor’s Favorite strathspey
Natalie MacMasterCape Breton Girl 11 02:58 Editor’s Favorite A strathspey
Marc BoudreauLive at the Doryman Pub 10 00:00 Editor’s Favorite Strathspey A strathspey
Gillian HeadSpirit 9 01:42 (unnamed) A strathspey
Natalie MacMasterSketches 11 03:27 Editor’s Favorite A strathspey
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