Reichswall Forest
F double tonic, reel
composed by Dan R. MacDonald
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Ashley MacIsaacFiddle Music 101 5 02:51 (not listed) F reel
Jerry HollandThe Fiddlesticks Collection 1 00:00 Reichswall Forest F reel
Jerry HollandMaster Cape Breton Fiddler 1 00:00 Reichswall Forest F reel
Mike MacDougallTape for Father Hector 10 03:16 Reichswall Forest F reel
Carl MacKenzieHighland Fiddle and Dance 7 00:58 Reichwall Forest F reel
Carl MacKenzieCeltic Ceilidh 8 00:58 Reichwall Forest F reel
Natalie MacMasterFit as a Fiddle 11 03:03 Reichwall Forest F reel
Elmer BriandElmer Briand and his Cape Breton Fiddle 8 01:43 The Banffshire Reel F reel
Joe CormierVelvet Arm, Golden Hand 4 04:36 The Rae Reel F reel
Various ArtistsCape Breton Live Radio, Take 01 4 05:58 Reichwall Forest F reel
Colin GrantFun for the Whole Family 5 03:19 Reichswall Forest F reel
Doug LameyA Step Back in Time 6 03:55 Reichwall’s Forest F reel
Mike HallDance Hall 11 05:43 Reichswall Forest F reel
Natalie MacMasterLive in Cape Breton 3 02:08 Reichswall Forest F reel
Kenny ChaissonDance to Your Tune 8 05:09 (unnamed) F reel
This tune starts something like this:
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