Malcolm Finlay
aka Larry Downs
E major, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Various ArtistsCape Breton Scottish Fiddle 2 02:44 Calum Fhionnlaidh E reel
Wendy MacIsaacThe “Reel” Thing 6 04:48 Larry Down’s E reel
Mairi RankinFirst Hand 12 02:20 Larry Down’s E reel
Carl MacKenzieCape Breton Fiddle Medleys 7 02:39 Larry Down’s Reel E reel
Winnie ChafeThe Bonnie Lass of Headlake 6 02:36 Malcolm Findlay E reel
Various ArtistsA Fiddler’s Heaven 5 00:16 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Joe CormierThe Dances Down Home 15 01:19 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 26 02:38 Malcolm Finlay E reel
John L. MacDonaldFormerly of Foot Cape Road 5 03:15 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Buddy MacMasterTraditional Music from Cape Breton Island 10 04:15 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Jerry HollandJerry Holland 5 01:05 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 15 03:56 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Morgan MacQuarrieKenloch Ceilidh 6 01:04 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Brenda StubbertIn Jig Time! 5 00:34 Malcolm Finlay’s E reel
The Beatons of MabouCape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music 5 01:18 Malcolm Finlay’s Reel E reel
Harvey TolmanScottish and Cape Breton Fiddle Music in New Hampshire 5 02:10 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Andrea BeatonThe Tap Session 6 01:38 Malcolm Finlay Reel E reel
Jason RoachJason Roach 7 00:00 Malcolm Finlay’s Reel E reel
Various ArtistsCape Breton Live Radio, Take 01 6 01:50 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Mike HallA Legacy not to be Forgotten 5 05:07 Larry Down’s E reel
The Queens County FiddlersForty Fiddles Flat Out! 5 02:30 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Dara Smith-MacDonaldConnections 11 09:52 Malcolm Finlay E reel
NereaFootprints 9 04:22 (not listed) E reel
Buddy MacMasterRooted in Tradition 6 04:01 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Rosie MacKenzieThe MacKenzie Project 11 02:21 Larry Down’s E reel
Cape Breton Fiddlers AssociationLive at the Louisbourg Playhouse 6 07:17 Malcolm Finlay E reel
Various ArtistsThe Buddy MacMaster School of Fiddling: Grand Finale Concert 2009 10 03:06 Malcolm Finlay E reel
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