aka McDermott’s
G major, clog
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Winston FitzgeraldThe Inimitable Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald 8 00:00 McDanaugh’s Clog G clog
Winston FitzgeraldClassic Cuts 20 00:00 McDonaugh’s Clog G clog
Leanne AucoinAll Set 5 00:00 McDonaugh’s Clog G clog
Alexander MacLeanAcross the Ocean Wave 8 00:00 McDanaugh’s Clog G clog
Lawrence MartellThe Spirit of the Fiddle 4 00:00 McDonough’s G clog
According to the Winston Fitzgerald tune book, this tune was recorded by Michael Coleman with the name McDermott’s Hornpipe. It combines two separate tunes, known as The Galway Hornpipe (or The Baldheaded Bachelor) and The Sligo Fancy (or The Flowers of Antrim).
This tune starts something like this:
3 3 3 3
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