John McNeil
A major, reel
composed by Peter Milne
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Ashley MacIsaacFiddle Music 101 4 00:10 (not listed) A reel
Tara Lynne TouesnardHeritage 1 02:46 Big John MacNeil A reel
Howie MacDonaldLive! West Mabou Hall 5 01:14 Big John MacNeil A reel
Winnie ChafeLegacy 6 05:00 Big John MacNeil A reel
Pius MacIsaacMusic from the Heart 12 02:29 Big John MacNeil Reel A reel
Natalie MacMasterRoad to the Isle 4 06:55 John MacNeil’s A reel
Joe CormierInformal Sessions 17 02:11 John McNeil, Highland Dancer A reel
Colin GrantColin Grant 4 03:01 Big John MacNeil A reel
Troy MacGillivrayLive at the Music Room 10 01:19 John MacNeil’s Reel A reel
Cynthia MacLeodHead Over Heels 5 04:28 Big John MacNeil A reel
Richard WoodCutting the Bow 8 04:41 Big John McNeil Reel A reel
Various ArtistsMacKinnon’s Brook 3 02:30 John MacNeil A reel
Andrew TouesnardAnchors Aweigh 5 00:00 Big John A reel
This tune starts something like this:
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