Elizabeth’s Big Coat
aka The Lasses of Glendale
A mixolydian, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Winnie ChafeCape Breton Scottish Memories 7 02:43 (Mabou Reel) A reel
Joe CormierInformal Sessions 14 02:16 (not listed) A reel
Joan MacDonald BoesI Mourn for the Highlands 8 06:51 (unnamed) A reel
Morgan MacQuarrieLoch Ban 2 04:23 Charles Street A reel
Various ArtistsCape Breton Scottish Fiddle 4 02:08 Cota Mor Ealasaid (Elizabeth’s Big Coat) A reel
Doug MacPheeCape Breton Piano III 6 02:44 Effie’s Big Coat A reel
Krista TouesnardA Little Taste of ’er 7 02:11 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Various ArtistsThe Heart of Cape Breton 8 08:30 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
The Beatons of MabouCape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music 12 02:29 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Barry ShearsA Cape Breton Piper 14 00:00 Elizabeth’s Big Coat reel
Jennifer RolandDedication 2 02:58 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Joe CormierScottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island 6 02:06 Lassies of Glenaodale A reel
The Five MacDonald FiddlersThe Five MacDonalds 1 00:00 Lassie’s of Glenaodale A reel
Scotty LeBlancFiddlin’ Scotty LeBlanc 12 01:37 Old Timer A reel
Harvey TolmanScottish and Cape Breton Fiddle Music in New Hampshire 10 04:04 Lassies of Glendale A reel
Chrissy CrowleyChrissy Crowley 7 02:18 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Various ArtistsCape Breton Live Radio, Take 01 3 03:32 Elizabeth’s Big Coat reel
Various ArtistsThe Cape Breton Fiddle 5 02:29 Elizabeth’s Big Coat Reel A reel
Various ArtistsMacKinnon’s Brook 7 03:31 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Ashley MacIsaacA New Family Tradition 2 00:47 Lasses of Glenaladale A reel
Robbie and Isaac FraserEverything Old is New Again 8 08:19 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Donald Angus BeatonMabou Coal Mines Music 1966 1 03:59 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
The Beatons of MabouAbounding in Tradition 13 00:37 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Lloyd MacDonaldTraditional Music from Cape Breton 9 02:13 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
Ashley MacIsaacPiano Music 1 04:11 (not listed) A reel
This tune starts something like this:
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