aka Olive Branch
A major, reel
(traditional Irish)
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Natalie MacMasterLive 18 03:04 The Olive Branch A reel
Joseph Cormier and J. P. CormierVelvet Arm, Golden Hand 2 03:19 The Reconciliation A reel
Howie MacDonaldThe Ceilidh Trail 18 03:02 The Reconciliation A reel
Buddy MacMasterGlencoe Hall 3 03:17 The Reconciliation A reel
Troy MacGillivrayEleven 4 03:08 Olive Branch A reel
John CampbellCape Breton Violin 1 04:05 Olive Branch A reel
Cynthia MacLeodCrackerjack 13 05:42 Olive Branch A reel
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