Rothiemurchus Rant
C major, strathspey
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Donald MacLellanDonald MacLellan 5 00:00 Rathiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Ray EllisDedicated to Mom and Dad 6 03:54 Rothermurche’s Rant C strathspey
Dougie MacDonaldFiddle Tunes 8 01:53 Rothemurchus Rant C strathspey
Joe CormierChéticamp 11 01:56 Rothermish’s Rant C strathspey
Angus ChisholmThe Early Recordings 7 00:00 Rothermurches Rant C strathspey
Joe CormierOld Time Wedding Reels 2 00:53 Rothermurche’s Rant C strathspey
Ashley MacIsaacFine thank you very much 2 02:05 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
John CampbellCape Breton Violin Music 6 01:41 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 31 03:32 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Barbara MacDonald MagoneThe Fiddler’s Friend 7 01:10 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Barry ShearsA Cape Breton Piper 5 00:00 Rothiemurchus Rant strathspey
Various ArtistsTraditional Music from Cape Breton Island 11 00:49 Rothiemurcus Rant C strathspey
Mike MacDougallTape for Father Hector 5 01:34 Rothiemurcus Rant C strathspey
Sandy MacIntyreCape Breton... My Land in Music 3 01:07 Rothiemurcus Rant C strathspey
Alex Francis MacKayA Lifelong Home 10 02:39 Rothiemurcus’ Rant C strathspey
Various ArtistsCeltic Music of Cape Breton 1 00:50 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Troy MacGillivrayLive at the Music Room 4 01:00 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Robbie FraserHear this... Here it is 7 01:41 Rothiemurcus’ Rant Strathspey C strathspey
Donald Angus BeatonLive at the House 4 00:51 Rothiemurcus Rant C strathspey
Various ArtistsMacKinnon’s Brook 6 02:44 Rochiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Colin GrantFun for the Whole Family 13 02:58 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Mike HallDance Hall 10 00:46 Rothiemurcus Rant C strathspey
Kristen ShawKristen Shaw 4 03:19 Rothiemurchus Rant C strathspey
Douglas CameronDouglas Cameron 7 02:11 Rothiemuchus Rant C strathspey
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