Largo’s Fairy Dance
D major, reel
composed by Nathaniel Gow
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio (LP) 9 02:20 (not listed) D reel
Howie MacDonald and Ashley MacIsaacCape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm 3 07:02 Fairy Dance D reel
Joe Cormier and FriendsOld Time Wedding Reels 8 01:42 Largo’s Fairy Dance D reel
Natalie MacMasterLive 2 04:18 The Fairy Dance D reel
Wendy MacIsaacThe “Reel” Thing 3 03:06 The Fairy Dance D reel
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio 19 02:03 The Fairy Dance D reel
Winnie ChafeHighland Melodies of Cape Breton 13 02:31 The Fairy Dance D reel
Dwayne CôtéThe Journey Home 8 15:18 (not listed) D reel
Ashley MacIsaacLive at the Savoy 4 04:19 (not listed) D reel
Kimberley FraserFalling on New Ground 1 06:19 The Fairy Dance D reel
Cynthia MacLeodCrackerjack 3 04:36 Fairy Dance D reel
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